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Parent Participation Program (PPP)

This Program was created with three (3) goals in mind:

  • To allow parents to be involved with their children’s education.
  • To offer the best education possible within the financial means available to us.
  • To build school community.

The overall goal of this program is to encourage parents’ participation.  Our school community can only benefit from increased participation of our parent community.

Each family commits to 15 hours of volunteer service to Immaculate Conception school per year (more are welcomed and encouraged).    

  • Families may choose to donate money in lieu of their participation in this program.  
  • Each family will submit a cheque, post-dated for May 15th of the following year, in the amount of $150.00.  When they have completed their hours, their cheque will be returned.

How does the program work?

The term for each school year will commence July 1 and will end on June 30. Each family is asked to contribute 15 hours of service within this period and to submit their hours online with the PPP Hours Log.  

Each family must submit a Parent Participation cheque for $150.00 dated September 30, or May 31. If there is a shortfall of the 15 hours, then an equivalent portion of the $150.00 will be retained by the school. (E.g. A family completing 10 hours will have $100.00 returned.)

Who can volunteer?

Each family is invited to include parents, grandparents or siblings to help out at the school.   We are striving to build community and this provides an opportunity for our larger faith community to become involved in our school community.  Volunteers must be 19 years or older and a criminal record check is required for all volunteers working with children.
The PPP Category Descriptions provides the contacts for the various areas where volunteers are required.

The following are the forms regarding the PPP Program:

Donna Flood is the PPP representative for this year.  Any questions regarding the PPP program can be directed to Donna through the School Council.